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Natural Cheese, Great Taste!

Offering a selection of our traditional flavours, such as Pizza Mozzarella, Havarti, Cogruet® and Provolone cheeses just to name a few. They are natural cheeses, available either in sliced or shredded formats, perfect for perking up any menu in a snap! With flavours that are mild or sharp and textures that are stretchy or firm, we’ve got great cheese for every taste and great taste in every cheese! Make something extraordinary out of the ordinary with our cheeses. As an appetizer, in sauces, with vegetables au gratin, in sandwiches or salads, have fun creating your own recipes.


Pizza Mozzarella Cheese: 600 g

Pizza Mozzarella Cheese: 180 g
Cogruet® Firm Ripened Cheese: 160 g, 500 g
Light Cogruet® Firm Ripened Cheese: 140 g, 500 g
Havarti Cheese: 160 g
Provolone Cheese: 140 g

Recipe ideas

Mini Hawaiian Pizzas with Maple Bacon and Kingsey® Shredded Pizza Mozzarella Cheese

Vegetarian Pizza Bagels with Kingsey® Havarti Natural Sliced Cheese

Cogruet® Natural Sliced Cheese and Pastrami Sandwich